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Living a Fulfilled Life: A Yoga Integration Intensive

Saturdays 9-11am for 5 weeks: February 13, 20, 27; March 5 & 12

Clarity and insight arise from a deeper understanding of the various aspects of our lives, from our health to our relationships. The continuous cultivation of ourselves in relation to these aspects allows us to live a truly fulfilling life. 

In this special workshop series, Setareh will guide the 5 Steps to a Fulfilled Life through the 5 elemental energies in relationship to the body, mind and emotions.These steps are: 1. Facing our Fears, 2. Forgiveness & Letting Go, 3, Boundaries & Relationships, 4. Creative Expression & Self-Love, 5. Rebirth & Renewal

In each workshop, Setareh will integrate Chinese Medicine with Yoga, Qi Gong, and Meditation practice specific to each step. The careful blend of lecture and practice will allow you to embody the teachings and integrate them in your practice, relationships, diet, and lifestyle choices.

All levels welcome. Space is limited. $299 for all 5 classes, $199 for 3 classes, $69 for single class drop-in.

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1:30 PM13:30

Yin Yoga: Cultivating a Quiet Practice

Yin Yoga: Cultivating a Quiet Practice
Sunday, December 13th @Mind Body Zone, Fremont, CA   Details TBA

For most of us, the nature of our work, exercise, and daily activities is very active, or Yang. To balance, we must cultivate a sense of stillness, or Yin. While Yang style practice activates the muscle tissue, Yin Yoga is designed to nourish the connective tissue, including the ligaments, tendons, and bones, and improve the flexibility and strength of the entire body while releasing withheld energy in the meridians. This workshop will consist of meridian theory as it relates to Yin Yoga Practice.  

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1:30 PM13:30

Internal Power Yoga

Internal Power Yoga
Saturday, November 14th @Mind Body Zone, Fremont, CA  Details TBA   

Modern forms of aerobic exercise and Yoga focus on intensive, repetitive movement to develop strength and stamina in the physical body. However, the stress of these practices can over time lead to injury, exhaustion and mental-emotional restlessness. Ancient forms of exercise including Taoist Yoga and the internal martial arts such as Tai Chi and Qi Gong instead use slow, gentle movements to activate the subtle body and cultivate physical power and balance from the inside out. In this workshop, we will control the body's energy or Qi through intentional movements that will open the Meridians and Chakras, and provide you with mental clarity, physical power and a deeper awareness to allow you to prevent and recover from stress.

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10:00 AM10:00

Release the Neck, Shoulders & Chest, Achieve Emotional Freedom

Open the Neck, Shoulders & Chest, Achieve Emotional Freedom
A Yoga-Qigong Workshop with Setareh Moafi, L.Ac. & Salvador Cefalu, L.Ac.

Saturday, May 2nd 10am-12pm
$40 if registered by April 15th, $50 thereafter  
@ Dharma Studio at A Center for Natural Healing
Stiffness and pain in the neck, chest and shoulders can cause us to feel lethargic, stuck, and emotionally uneasy. Blockage in these regions inhibits the 4th and 5th chakras, or energy centers, in our bodies which govern our emotions and communication. In this workshop, you will learn a series of Yoga and Qigong movements that will not only improve your breathing, flexibility and posture, but will also enhance your emotional well being. 
All levels welcome. 

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