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Internal Power Yoga

Mind Body Zone, Fremont, CA

Modern forms of aerobic exercise and Yoga focus on intensive, repetitive movement to develop strength and stamina in the physical body. However, with the stress that they place on the body, these practices can over time lead to injury, exhaustion and mental-emotional restlessness.

Ancient forms of exercise including Daoist Yoga and the internal martial arts such as Tai Chi and Qi Gong instead use slow, gentle movements to enhance energy flow and develop strength in the internal body. The intention is to activate the subtle body to cultivate physical power and balance from the inside out. 

In this workshop, you’ll practice Classical Yoga to control the body’s energy or Qi through slow, intentional movements that will open the Meridians and Chakras and create a potent sense of balance in the body-mind. This subtle yet powerful form of practice will provide you with mental clarity, physical power as well as an awareness that will help you recover from stress and improve the quality of your life.