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Yin Yoga: Cultivating a Quiet Practice

Mind Body Zone, Fremont, CA

For most of us, the nature of our work, exercise, and daily activities is very active, or Yang. As such, we live in a chronic state of stress. To balance, we must cultivate a sense of stillness, or Yin.

While Yang style practice activates the muscle tissue, Yin Yoga is designed to nourish the connective tissue, including the ligaments, tendons, and bones. By sitting or lying in gentle and supported postures for extended periods of time, we replenish the fluids in the connective tissue of the major joints, improving the flexibility and strength of the entire body and releasing withheld energy in the meridians. This allows us to let go in the body and mind and thus improve our circulation, energy, and overall health.  

This workshop will consist of lecture on meridian theory and application as well as a guided Yin Yoga Practice.

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