“Setareh’s incredible knowledge, gentle energy, and non-judgmental approach have helped to improve the quality of my life.”  
— Sheila P., Sunnyvale, CA

I had tried traditional methods to control my eczema and psoriasis with multiple doctors and various treatments for years with no success. Setareh offered me both immediate relief with acupuncture and long term relief with nutritional suggestions. My skin has cleared and I am experiencing an amazing difference in my overall health. I would gladly recommend her to anyone. 

Leslie S., Mountain View, CA

My experience with Setareh was much more than the acupuncture treatments. Setareh helped me understand how to apply the things I learned outside of the appointments and approach treating the entire self, instead of one symptom or issue. 

Liisa H., New York, NY

Setareh has been a motivating and insightful deep health practitioner for me in the short time I had worked with her. She has the ability to work with Spirit and knows how to gently guide ones own power toward the accomplishment of their dreams. In the two years I have been at her retreat I've been rewarded with all of my personal dreams coming true in a city she recommended. When faced with troubling times, she provided me guidance, wisdom and friendship without judgment and soon I was pursuing areas I knew I would do well in. Pretty remarkable! Yes, she is.

Jeff T., Los Altos, CA

After my first treatment with Setareh I definitely left more relaxed!  I came home and my fiancé said 'where have you been? You look so happy and relaxed...were you at the spa?" So there was definitely a huge shift in energy and improvement right away in my overall mood. Her dietary recommendations helped my stomach feel so much better immediately. What a change emotionally and physically after just one treatment! I'm thrilled that the improvement continued with all the treatments that have followed since then. 

- Lindsay L., Los Altos, CA


Setareh's treatments and yoga instruction have been instrumental in not only helping me manage my depression, but eliminating some lifelong digestive issues I was experiencing (no longer!).  I've even been able to stop taking antidepressants!  More recently, Setareh's specialty in treating sports injuries has helped me tremendously in healing a disc bulge and related nerve inflammation.

- Karen M., San Jose, CA

I came to Setareh in 2011 after I hit rock bottom with my physical, emotional and spiritual health. I had no idea that going for an acupuncture treatment was going to transform the course of my professional and spiritual life--for the better! Setareh is simply one of the clearest, brightest, wisest and most "empowering" healers and teachers I have ever met and worked with. Her spiritual gift of listening, intuition and wise compassion are simply "right-on." Setareh is my Chinese shaman healer, spiritual solution guide, business mentor, incredible yoga teacher, dearest colleague and soul sister! Every time we have a session or class together, I feel seen, valued, supported and just more clear. Her healing presence and guidance, to this day, continues to be an on-going blessing, honor and prayer-come-true in my life.

Klaudeen S., San Jose, CA

I love Setareh!  She is so gentle, caring and knowledgeable! After I had knee surgery she really helped shorten the recovery time, swelling and pain. 

- Carole G., San Jose, CA

Working with Setareh has helped me heal physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I had previously seen two allopathic doctors and one naturopathic doctor and had yet to see any substantial improvement. Within months of working with Setareh, my health significantly improved. I got my spirit back again--my energy, passion, and joy of life!

Neda S., Campbell, CA

I find that Dr. Moafi can listen to all my concerns and synthesize an elegant treatment for me to include my whole health picture. Her ability to see me in ways that I have trouble seeing myself adds to my total healing experience. 

Therese W., Los Gatos, CA

Dr. Moafi has saved my hands! I'm an Esthetician and Electrologist by trade. My hands are my tools. After 12 years of repetitive motions…I could no longer make a fist with my right hand without being in excruciating pain!
My regular MD put me on pain killers and they were great, but I was looking for a more permanent and holistic fix, not a band aid…After my second acupuncture session, my hands started to have movement without the pain…I am such a believer that acupuncture is now my first go to treatment for everything, even a bad cold. I still go regularly (2times a month). 
Dr. Moafi has literally saved my career!
Acupuncture has helped me personally with:
-Pain in my hands
-stress and anxiety 
-cold and congestion 
-digestive issues 

I look forward to acupuncture treatments with Setareh as I not only walk out the door feeling better, physically, but I am also armed with more information or suggestions for better self-care. 

Martha S., Palo Alto, CA


Through Acupuncture and Nutrition/Herb guidance Setareh has helped me eliminate my menstrual problems. Words cannot express how relieved I am to no longer have to experience such painful, debilitating episodes. 

Negisa T., Santa Clara, CA


What I like best about Setareh is how she approaches health and wellness holistically. Along with acupuncture treatments, Setareh has given me advice about diet and overall well being. Since starting acupuncture treatments with Setareh, the tinea pedis I have struggled to get under control for years is gone! My chronic low back pain is also starting to subside as Setareh uses acupuncture to get the energy glowing again in my body. Setareh has a wonderful gift for treating people and making them feel better. I highly recommend Setareh.

Elizabeth F., Mountain View, CA

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