Yin Yoga Integration Teacher Training

This one-of-a-kind immersion and teacher training program will help you develop an understanding of Yin Yoga practice through the lens of Classical Chinese medical philosophy, the Sinew Meridians and integrative practices that support you to optimize your health. 

This program is designed for all levels of practitioners and teachers. Though a background in Yin Yoga is helpful, it is not required.

All students will receive a 50-hour Yin Yoga Integration teacher training certificate upon completion of the program.

The knowledge and expertise gained through this training will enhance your personal practice, empower your health and self-care, and prepare you with the confidence to teach Yin Yoga, if you choose to do so.

Space will be very limited to maximize contact and personalization. You can preview this training by watching the video above, then submit your application to participate.

I’d absolutely recommend the Yin Yoga Integration Teacher Training to practitioners of any level. This program can help you deepen your practice and knowledge whether you are a beginner or seasoned practitioner. The amount of insight and information Dr. Setareh Moafi shares with the students is simply not found anywhere else.
— Sonia Ibrahimkhail, Yin Yoga Integration Teacher Training graduate
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Curriculum details

MODULE 1: Foundations of Yin Yoga - Philosophy, Anatomy, Physiology

Day 1: Introduction to Yin Yoga Integration

  • Importance of Yin Yoga practice to balance other practices, exercises and lifestyle

  • Internal elements: Qi, blood and yin

  • Playing your edge: tension vs compression

  • Yin Yoga Anatomy: the spine, hips and pelvis in relationship to Yin Yoga practice

  • Physiology of the brain and central nervous system (CNS) in relationship to Yin Yoga practice

Day 2: The 12 Sinew (Muscle) Channels in Relationship to Yin Yoga

  • Overview of the 12 Sinew Channels

  • The Sinew Channels and the 6 Stages of disease progression as a metaphor for movement through life

  • Sotai & Qi Gong practices to release stagnation in the meridians in preparation for Yin Yoga practice

  • Psoas releases to prepare the body for Yin Yoga practice

  • Proper warmup to loosen the joints and prevent injury

The Yin immersion was more than just a training - it was transformative. My daily practices and morning pages increased my inner sense of stability. My life purpose or “curriculum” got clearer over time, and I came away with new sense of gratitude about where I am and the roles I play in my life.
— Makiko Kambayashi, Yin Yoga Integration Teacher Training graduate

Module 2: Yang Meridians

Day 1: Yang Sinew Meridians of the Legs & Arms

  • Yang Sinew Meridians of the Legs (Bladder, Gallbladder, Stomach) pathways, psycho-emotional and physical associations

  • Yang Meridians of the Arms (Small Intestine, Triple Heater, Large Intestine) pathways, psycho-emotional and physical associations

Day 2: Yin Yoga Asana Practice with emphasis on the Yang Sinew Meridians - limitations and modifications

Module 3: Yin Meridians

Day 1: Yin Sinew Meridians of the Legs & Arms

  • Yin Sinew Meridians of the Legs (Spleen, Liver, Kidney) pathways, psycho-emotional and physical associations

  • Yin Meridians of the Arms (Lungs, Heart, Pericardium) pathways, psycho-emotional and physical associations

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MODULE 4: Empowered Yin Yoga Teaching & Sharing

Day 1: Sequencing and Modifying 

  • Sequencing a Yin Yoga practice based on Yin and Yang Meridians

  • Proper cueing and guidance of Yin Yoga asanas

  • Cautions and contraindications of Yin Yoga asanas

  • How to hold space for Yin Yoga practice

Day 2: Meditation and Self-Cultivation 

  • Yin Yoga to cultivate stillness in our practice and lives

  • Yin Yoga as a healing art to prepare the body and mind for Meditation and deeper self-cultivation

  • Meditation techniques for daily practice

The Yin Yoga Integration Teacher Training has changed the way I conduct my life...Your Yoga practice will be fuller and richer with choices for deeper relaxation, restoration and a stronger mind-body integration.
— Leslie Streight, Yin Yoga Integration Teacher Training graduate

Each module will include extended Yin & Yang Yoga practices guided by Dr. Setareh Moafi. 

50 hours total includes 45 contact hours and 5 hours for independent study.

All classes are held live at Dharma Studio at a Center for Natural Healing upstairs from our clinic in Santa Clara, CA.

The program also includes online resources, as well as in-depth bonus teachings on Classical Chinese medical philosophy, Qi Gong practice and Sotai exercises co-taught by Salvador Cefalu, M.S., L.Ac.

*A note from Dr. Moafi: Much of the teachings offered in this training are assimilated from Salvador and my combined 25+ years of study with our teacher, 88th generation Daoist Grand Master, Dr. Jeffrey Yuen. The synthesis of these teachings with Yin Yoga practice and theory is unique to this training program.

2019 Schedule

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Saturdays 11am - 5pm & Sundays 11am - 4:15pm on the following weekends:

September 14 -15, 2019September 28-29, 2019

October 12-13, 2019

October 26-27, 2019

Space is very limited. Click here to submit an application to participate in this one-of-a-kind training. 

Watch the video to hear what past graduates have to say about this training.

I would highly recommend the Yin Yoga Integration Teacher Training because everyone walking on this planet needs to know how to nourish themselves better and to understand the benefits of Yin poses so you can move through your life being your BEST YOU! Dr. Moafi and Salvador Cefalu are excellent teachers as they lovingly encourage and guide you to learning the philosophy, anatomy and physiology of Yin Yoga and to create better balance in your life.
— Karena Davis, Yoga Integration Teacher Training graduate